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brings modified barium swallow testing to your doorstep!

Now Bringing the two instrumental, imaging swallow studies* to your doorstep

MBS– Modified Barium Swallow Studies and FEES– Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow
– BOTH studies are used determine if food and/or liquid is going into the lungs, called aspiration
– Exams are performed by highly skilled speech pathologists specializing in dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)

Modified Barium Swallow Studies are conducted on our state of the art van by one of our dysphagia experts, physician, and technician.
Patients simply need to be seated in a wheelchair and brought aboard the van. An MBS involves watching a patient consume food and liquid
coated in barium under video fluoroscopy or real time x-ray. Aspiration can be identified by the SLP.

Our FEES equipment is so portable, the exam can be conducted anywhere, at the patient's bedside or at their kitchen table.
This exam involves passing a small scope through the nose into the throat.The scope's camera is placed just above the airway.
As the patient eats and drinks, the SLP can see aspiration occur.

*INSTRUMENTAL, IMAGING SWALLOW STUDIES is the most appropriate and technical way to refer to these exams.

Immediate Results
Resident Friendly
InnovaDx delivers!

Mobile-based Modified Barium Swallow Study (as well as Fiber optic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing, or FEES Study), a new way. The best way. With results delivered immediately.

InnovaDx provides fully mobile self-contained, Physician, Technician, and Speech Language Therapist staffed MBS testing for patients in need.

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Is it…

  • Take the traditional course at a hospital or outpatient center, and
  • The patient makes unnecessary round-trip visits and is forced to expend at least half a day or more, from start to finish…
  • Exhaust your patient in the process…
  • Wait… and wait… often with minimal or perhaps no post-study consultation…

Or can it be…

  • Engage with InnovaDx and
  • We deliver testing to the patient at their residence, and complete the study
    within an hour…
  • The patient needs not even leave their residence's property…
  • Test results and a DVD copy for the patient
    are provided immediately upon completion
    of their study…


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